7 shot at 2-year-old’s birthday party in Prince George’s County


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Seven people were injured after a shooting at a toddler’s birthday party in Prince George’s County, Maryland, Saturday night.

Prince George’s police said the shooting happened around 9:15 p.m. at an apartment complex on the 6200 block of Maxwell Drive in Camp Springs.

Prince George’s County police Chief Hank Stawinski said the shooting happened at a birthday party for a 2-year-old.

About a dozen people were in attendance when a person approached the group. There may have been an argument before gunshots were fired into the crowd, police said.



What no OUTRAGE This Morning ...


Yeah, whatever
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OK, raise your hand if you had your 2 year old's Bday party after 9 pm. I guess when you don't get up until 3 in the afternoon, 9pm is the right time for a celebration.


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'A person' and there 'may have been an argument'. Sounds like another case of the 'victims' being less than cooperative with the police.


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I remember when Camp Springs was a pretty nice area.
Hoyer voters do have their problems.
I was first stationed there in 74 and wasn't overly impressed. To get to a nicer area Clinton/Chelteham seemed to be the line, then that moved to Waldorf then LaPlata. Now who knows, Lusby? Same thing happened in AACO, where ever there are democraps it's going to turn to shlt.


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Im betting you were a big fan of the Village Barn ;)
LOL... no, I wasn't into shitkicker music. I do know a local derelict named Jerry broke in, passed out and burned it down. I pretty much lived at the Skyline during both Wyman and Richter ownerships. The pizza wasn't bad and the beer was always cold. I used to sell crabs for 30 bucks a bushel to them circa 86 or so.