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Everyone in St Marys, Charles and Calvert thats furlowed should show up at his house at dinner time tonight... I'm sure Ernest will let everyone park in his fields..
Have you seen a St. Mary's County field after all of these rains we have had.?


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So that's the number that keeps getting thrown around: 800,000.

800,000 employees who won't get paid today. A good number have actually rendered their service and provided their knowledge and time to their employer. Those who aren't deemed essential have essentially been laid off.

Those 800,000 American families aren't getting a paycheck today.

Additionally, there are many more thousands of families and small business whose income is being impacted because those 800,00 federal employees aren't getting paid.

These people won't get back pay from anyone....they are the one who will truly get screwed.

And why is this happening? Because our inept, incompetent and unfit president needs a different story to lead the news cycle. That is really what this comes down to. Trump, who a lot of really, really dumb people think is some sort of masterful businessman and negotiator, has decided to shut down part of his business (the US govt) because he knows that Mueller, Cohen, Flynn and Comey would be the lead story on the cable channels otherwise.

There is no crisis at the Southern border....you could have made that claim 20 years ago, but not now.

Our secondary crisis today is a crisis of leadership.

Our primary crisis to is one of ignorance. People, in general, are too lazy (some just too stoopid) to read reports, look up facts or listen to educated experts. The internet has unleashed a tidal wave of lazy, gullible and not very intelligent people into a system that was messy to begin with.

800,000 American families today are paying for YOUR ignorance and YOUR stupidity. Think about that for a moment. You got the govt YOU voted for (or in the case of comrade GURPS, he got the govt he propagandized for)
This is tripe and you are a boor.

As others have noted, the fix is easy. Tell Pelosi & Schumer to quit throwing their hissy fits and fund the wall. Simple. Done. Finished.


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