81 million votes ya'll


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This old man belongs in a loving home, which he obviously does not have.
No home--family--loving wife, would put this man's mental disabilities on public display so they could play First lady or First Family for a little while. Not that he doesn't deserve this, he spent 40 years on the Government tit and did nothing.


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Again, you have to wonder what they were thinking. There were dozens of candidates who'd have done their bidding and been coherent and charismatic to boot....and yet they chose chronic bumbler Uncle Joe.

This just seems like a colossal mistake, and judging from the juvenile tweets they throw out they should be pretty easy to defeat. We're not talking about the cream of the intellectual crop here. I think they're having their moment in the pop cultural sun, but at some point Americans will tire of this shitshow and run them out on a rail. We're already seeing it happen with social pushback and the rejection of the Marxist media cult.

I think every now and then it's good to let Democrats have power. That way they can **** it all up, lose the young audience they were trying to cultivate, and pave the way for a Reagan or a Trump. Unfortunately we lose a lot of ground in those social experiments, and it's the middle class and poor who are hit hardest. Non-white minorities get absolutely devastated.

You'd think people would learn but they don't seem to.


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What's funny is these people honestly think that he didn't need to be coached and how to pronounce v a x x e d. They're trying to coin a phrase here it'll catch on with pop culture but as we've seen at least this particular part of the liberal party it's no goddamn clue about pop culture and how things catch on and stick