85 not in the HOF yet, but these guys could be on the way.


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Out of boredom, here are where people could stand on the recordboards after this weekend:

Edge is 11 carries from beating out Otis Anderson for #16 all-time,
Fred Taylor is 27 carries behind Earnest Byner for #24 all-time,
Tomlinson is 1 carry behind Fred Taylor,
Ahman Green is 4 carries behind Larry Csonka (HOF) for #33 all-time,
Jamal Lewis is 11 carries behind Mike Pruitt for #35 all-time

Warrick Dunn is 13 yards behind Fred Taylor for #21 all-time,
Ahman Green 33 yards behind Jim Taylor (HOF) for #33 all-time,
Jamal Lewis is 126 yards behind James Brooks for #39 all-time

Tomlinson is 3 rushing TDs behind John Riggins (HOF) for #5 all-time,
Shaun Alexander is 2 rushing TDs behind Barry Sanders (HOF) for #8 all-time and 3 behind Marshall Faulk for #7 all-time,
Edge is 2 rushing TDs behind Terry Allen for #23 all-time and 3 TDs behind Leroy Kelly (HOF) and Earl Campbell (HOF) for #21 all-time,
Mike Alstott is 36th all-time with 58 rushing TDs, Fred Taylor has 56, Ahman Green has 54, and Clinton Portis has 53

TO is 10 receptions behind Henry Ellard and Keyshawn Johnson for #15 all-time and 11 behind Shannon Sharpe,
Eric Moulds is 10 receptions behind Andre Rison for #22 all-time,
Tony Gonzales is 7 behind Moulds and Torry Holt is 6 behind Gonzales,
Randy Moss is 4 receptions behind Terrence Mathis for #28 all-time,
Hines Ward is 11 reception behind Ozzy Newsome for #32 all-time,
Joey Galloway is 7 receptions behind Johnnie Morton for #39 all-time,
Derrick Mason is 3 receptions behind Galloway

Marvin Harrison is 119 yards behind Cris Carter for #4 all-time,
TO is 32 yards behind Don Maynard (HOF) for 15 all-time and 102 behind Michael Irvin (HOF) for 14 all-time,
Torry Holt is 108 yards behind Gary Clark for #20 all-time,
Joey Galloway is 22 yards behind Eric Moulds for #29 all-time,
Tony Gonzales is 25 yards behind Mark Carrier for #47 all-time, 71 behind Terrence Mathis, 85 behind Terry Glenn, and 139 behind Mark Duper for #44 all-time

Isaac Bruce is 1 rec TD away from Art Powell for #17 all-time and 3 behind Mark Clayton, Andre Rison, Tommy McDonald (HOF) and Irving Fryar for #13 all-time,
Joey Galloway is 1 rec TD behind Sammy Morgan for #25 all-time and 3 behind Nat Moore for #24 all-time,
Torry Holt is tied with three HOFers at #37 all time receiving TDs with 65, two players are tied with 66, two players are tied with 67, and three players are tied with 68 (1 HOF).

Marvin Harrison is 19 total yards behind Henry Ellard for #19 all-time and 132 yards behind Chris Carter,
Edge is 145 total yards behind Andre Reed for #21 all-time,
Isaac Bruce is 3 yards behind Edge,
Warrick Dunn is 22 yards behind Otis Anderson for #26 all-time, 65 behind OJ Simpson (HOF), and 129 behind John Riggins (HOF)
Tomlinson is 16 yards behind Charlie Joiner (HOF) for #37 all-time and 134 behind Jimmy Smith
Fred Taylor is 3 yards behind Rod Smith for #42 all-time
Randy Moss is 91 yards behind Keenan McCardell for #47 all-time and 171 behind Lenny Moore (HOF)

Marvin Harrison is 2 TDs behind Walter Payton (HOF) for #7 all-time and 3 TDs behind Jim Brown (HOF)
Tomlinson is 4 TDs behind John Riggins for #10 all-time
Shaun Alexander is 1 TD behind Barry Sanders (HOF) for #12 all-time, 3 TDs behind Lenny Moore (HOF), and 4 TDs behind Tomlinson
Edge is 1 TD behind Bobby Mitchell (HOF) for #40 all-time, 2 TDs behind three other players (1 HOF), and 3 TDs behind two more players (1 HOF).
Isaac Bruce is 1 TD behind Art Powell and 2 behind Edge.

Kerry Collins is 14 attempts behind Johnny Unitas (HOF) for #12 all-time and 33 behind Boomer Esiason
Peyton Manning is 3 attempts behind Jim Everett for #16 all-time
Brad Johnson is 26 attempts behind Sonny Jurgenson (HOF) for #31 all-time

Kerry Collins is 5 completions behind Jim Kelly (HOF) and Steve Deberg for #14 all-time
Steve McNair is 34 completions behind Ken Anderson for #31 all-time
Brad Johnson is 1 behind McNair
Trent Green is 20 completions behind Ron Jaworski for #39 all-time

Peyton Manning is 44 yards behind Boomer Esiason for #12 all-time and 273 yards behind David Kreig
Kerry Collins is 57 yards behind Steve Deberg for #17 all-time
Brad Johnson is 163 yards behind Len Dawson (HOF) for #34 all-time and 195 behind Rich Gannon

Brett Favre is 6 passing TDs behind Dan Marino (HOF) for #1 all-time
Kerry Collins is 4 behind Babe Parilli for #41 all-time
Three people (2 HOF) are tied at #43 all-time and have 1 more TD than Steve McNair. McNair is 2 TDs behind Kerry Collins.
Brad Johnson is 1 TD behind Troy Aikman (HOF) for #49 all-time

Players not in the HOF include David Kreig, Boomer Esiason, John Hadl, Ottis Anderson, Ricky Waters, Cris Carter, Henry Ellard, Andre Reed, Irving Fryar, and Art Monk.