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Skeptical. For one very BIG reason - -

Search engines have to be SMART - they can't just give you every single hit in random order. Otherwise, they'd be useless to you, because the amount of data sitting on the web is so enormous, most of the time any search engine isn't going to find it at all. It has to use some intelligence to try and find out what it is that you want.

Our collective problem is that it makes assumptions that align with their own social and poltical bias. You want to find out about injuries and deaths at the Capitol on Jan. 6, you will have to be determined to find about people in the CROWD that got injured, because the search engines just assumes you only care about the Capitol Police. You want to learn about Russian collusion by Democrats, it will ALL point to Trump - unless you massively qualify it.

It also assumes you only want to know about stuff in recent history. You have to be very specific if you're talking about something that happened 30 years ago that resembles something RECENT.

Giving you EVERYTHING won't help you.