Aamco California


Took my daughters car there for a leak in tranny. They fixed the leak and found that the valve covers were leaking also. So I went along with the inflated price to fix that. Then they call and say there is oil all over the plug wires and that I should go on and get a tune up now at $250.00 or it would cost more later. Didn't go for that. Picked the car up, my daughter drove it home and she had been driving it about a week. She had to go into the hospital for an operation, so I drove the car one day and the tranny would downshift really hard when coming to a stop. I asked her about it and she said it had been doing that since she picked it up but got a little worse.
Took it back, they put it on a scanner or something and said they would have to go into it and that if i did not get it fixed the cost would be $500.00. He did not want to give me a price until he had it open, I said no way. You give me a ballpark est. first. so then He says usually this car runs $1750. maybe a lil less maybe a lil more. He says it won't fix itself among some other crap about how it is just coincidence that it started this after they fixed the leak. I told him to forget it. Did some research and it turns out that this particular Chrysler and others like it have a very sensitive tranny and that this happens alot when they are flushed or changed fluid. All you have to do is unhook the battery for 10 mins. and reset the computer. I did that and it runs just fine.