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The shocking and rude ways WeWork’s ex-CEO Adam Neumann treated staff

But Adam, now 42, was never exactly a nose-to the grindstone guy. As co-authors Eliot Brown and Maureen Farrell reveal in the book “The Cult of We: WeWork, Adam Neumann, and the Great Startup Delusion” (Crown), out Tuesday, expensive shortcuts appealed to Adam.


As the authors write, “Smoking on board was one thing, but transporting marijuana — an illegal drug in New York and Israel — across borders … might expose Gulfstream to serious risks.”

Gulfstream pulled the jet, leaving Adam and his pals to find their own way home.
Adam and his cohort were notorious among private jet crews. After a chartered trip to Mexico City in 2015, the operator, Gama Aviation, complained to WeWork that “passengers were spitting tequila on each other”; one passenger became sick “throughout the cabin and lavatory,” requiring extra cleaning; and that the “crew was not tipped.”

VistaJet, the authors write, was frequently forced to deal with Adam’s onboard partying: taking jets out of service to clean up alcohol spills and vomit. On multiple occasions, the CEO or one of his companions tore down a curtain divider.

On one of Adam’s flights, there was so much marijuana smoke in the cabin that the crew felt the need to don oxygen masks.

Back on land, Adam’s wife, Rebekah, who is now 43, was telling interviewers that the couple “believe in this new ‘Asset Light’ lifestyle.”

It was a pretty rich statement.
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