Accident at the Crocodile Show


Power with Control
What accident? The other kid slipping into the water?

Damn it, now you went and ruined it :)

I was pretty sure he was going to get his aZZ kicked. In one of my previous lives, the aircraft I crewed on, worked on, and loaded weapons on had a bomb bay. Doors were opened and closed by a 3,000psi hydraulic system. when you hit the switch (which was up in the cockpit, with no sightline to the bay) there was a loud crack sound as the system took pressure and the doors commenced closing immediately. Three seconds from full open to full close. One of the common pranks was walking by a bay full of people and slapping the door and watching the mad scramble. some folks would drop and roll, others would grab bomb racks and pull themselves up.

Of course, it was never done during a weapons load. But otherwise it was fair game. But once you did that slap, you needed to run like the wind.....