advice please...


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How does one politically keen, diverse person, (such as myself) go about celebrating the true meaning of today? Should a dinner party with invitation only guests be selected to share drinks and a buffet meal at a posh eatery? Black tie only? Masks optional?

Can I get a venue at this late date??

Come on guys, its Radon Awareness month!!! Lets not take Ray out of the meaning!!


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Dinners are always paired with wines. The selections you make will illustrate your level of social awareness and gravitas. I'd expect to see a bottle of Mogen David, a good 2020 for example, well decanted and ready to pour before the main course is served. With desert, a number of fine wines are available from Le Cultiver Boone, with one for every preference.

A Colt 45 bumper in a brown bag will go great with that after-dinner blunt in the library.

I should write a book about this stuff.