AEI: Navy Needs Rebuilding to Reach 355-Ship Fleet


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Just a few decades ago the goal was a 600 ship navy. Just the idea of that was enough to collapse the iron curtain, ending the cold war.


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They propose to arm the JHSV's....which are manned /crewed by US Merchant Marine. The include the under-gunned, nearly unarmed LCS' in the "surface combatants" category, but those things would lose a fight with any of the more capable, yet much smaller, fast-attack craft out there today. Heck, the fast-missile-craft we recently delivered to the Egyptian Navy pack far, far more punch than an LCS does.

When the 355-ship requirement was announced in 2016, it resulted in a lot of eye-rolling because the budget disconnect with that reality was so massive. It still is.


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In the mid 2000's they kept talking about a 1000 ship Navy, but they were talking about our ships along with all our allies ships.