Ah, Atlantic Broadband, dont ever change


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A great new business model where I cant get cable TV of any flavor unless I also rent your cable modem. Sorry, that house will stream using my own modem until I can get Starlink at which point you are GONE.

So, moved my brother into my rental house, which has had continued cable service since we bought it maybe 18 years ago. Transferred to tenants and back these last five years, but continuous service. Last tenant left, switched it to basic internet just to hook up some Eupy cameras since it was going to be empty a while. Got him in last night, called today to see about adding basic cable TV.

Lady tells us we need to use one of their modems. We ask why the hell that is, since it doesn't have one now, it's our moden that works just fine. She says that starting Jan ist, you cannot get one of thier tivo boxes, which are required for new service, unless you get one of their modems.


She says that those tivo boxes will only work with ABBS modems........ Man, these people just cant stop. Thats not a technical requirement, only something they are using to drive up rentals.


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Well they just voted to make it illegal for ISPs to charge you a "fee" to use your own router, so I guess these guys are fixing that by not allowing you to do so in the first place.