Aircrewmen in hot water over Presidential uniform patch


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I guess if the DOD wanted you to have a sense of humor, they would just issue 1 to you.

A review conducted by the US Navy found that sailors violated Pentagon rules by wearing "Make Aircrew Great Again" patches on their uniforms during President Donald Trump's visit to the USS Wasp last year, according to the Pacific Fleet.

Several service members aboard the ship were seen wearing patches showing a Trump-like image and a play on the President's "Make America Great Again" campaign slogan when he addressed sailors last May.

stuff like this is why you lose a football game to Army


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As much as I find the patch funny (and I think it supports a point I made in another thread about how troops/sailors/etc in the field appreciate the current POTUS) I agree with the Navy's take on this. Bad call on the part of the sailors who chose to wear the patch.

Having said that, and speaking of funny, I do think the military has (as a result of all this PC BS) lost its sense of humor and, as a result, some of its lethality.

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While many of the PC things were needed it has gotten to the point where concern for what might happen now cloud the sometimes immediate decision processes needed when the SHTF. I am reminded of a female crewman who loved to fly and was one of our best. She called herself Flychick and had a name patch made for her flight suit. The powers to be made her remove it.


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This has been going on forever. Many years ago I flew a backup plane to Lake Placid Olympics for the US Vs USSR hockey final. The primary birds engine driven compressor shiit the bed so VP Mondel would have no pressurization or heat for the ride back to DC. So me, Petty Officer Flt Engineer Shitbird was chosen to fly the good bird up and bring the cold one back. While on the ground all affiliated with the olympics had a raccoon logo patch which I liked. I swapped the guy from the fuel farm my crow for his patch. The patch was eventually sewn onto my flight jacket. Pretty cool logo actually.

Fast forward a year or 2 later some ahole admiral saw it, didn't like it and sent a letter to my command. :rolleyes: Pretty obvious he had not much to do since we flew Sec Nav Lehman around at least once a month and he had no problem. Long story short, the US Olympics patch came off :mad: The current Aircrew Patch is pretty much same shiit, different day.