All-Female Court Panel Overturns Rape Conviction Because Woman Is Too Ugly To Be Credible Victim


God bless the USA
The Roman Empire, already, fell once. The history of the World does repeat itself because so many people choose to remain ignorant.


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Well it's Italy. Europe. All that high-mindedness. I guess when 90 year old women get raped, it's because they still "got it".


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If the lady Judges deem this woman too ugly to be raped I would suppose they themselves are real beauties.
The woman took 14 stitches in her vagina, somebody is packing a dangerous weapon.
The date rape drug was present, I doubt the woman took that on her own.

If this rape incident had happened here this woman would be believed, perhaps she was just unlucky enough to be raped in the wrong country.
It's a really strange outcome, be curious to see what the investigation brings.