Amazing Race 3...


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I was looking forward to this show...I enjoyed watching the last one but:

Why do we have to include openly queer participants? Do the networks think that will encourage more gay viewers? or more likely, normal people who are repu;sed by their squeals and giggles who want to see them lose.

If you missed the show...we have a father & son team and within 5 seconds of introducing them we have fruitcake son in his cheer leading costume gushing.

The only reason for this is to get people chatting around the watercooler waiting for fruitcake to break a nail or chase some polynesian boy down the street.

The other Liberal Democrat queer really does nothing for the show either. (he was proud of all three characteristics).

So...why do you think the network intentionally searches out these "contestants?" Couldn't they find any other ethnic group to include? or disabled participants?

Yeah, I'll keep watching because it is an interesting show, just hope the people in these countries they visit don't pay too much attention to these embarrassments.

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You know you could always choose not to watch if this stuff bothers you that much. There are after all many other channels where you wouldn't be subjected to this.


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Well T & T were eliminated tonight and from their final comments: they had real class,

No blame, no complaints, no bashing or cries of something being unfair: just appreciation and gracious acceptance.

This is part of the redeeming value of this show: the behavior of winners and losers: It was very refreshing to see a team deal so well with losing: That is something a million dollars won't ever buy: class.
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Zack and Flo won...she was an emotional wreck...How Zack was able to keep his cool and stay focussed...unbelievable!

Flo wanted to quit constantly for the last two episodes...nag, whine, sob...
Just the perfect picture of an American in a third world country.

Anybody know if they will continue the series?