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Roanoke was probably the second worst season, followed only by Freak Show.

The second half was such a cluster####.

Yes, it was a mess. The finale especially seemed forced and contrived.

As an aside, I just finished watching the first season Murder House, which I had never seen, and there was a reference to the Roanoke lost colony near the end. Now that was a great season. :yay:


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Hey, y'all. I see many of you AHS fans are not so happy with the show. So, why did I get bashed for criticizing it? Just wondering.


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Lather, rinse, nauseam. :rolleyes:

Just like clockwork. Then she'll come back to defend herself. She can't help herself. Just like some of the ranting texts I receive from people (youknowwho). Diarrhea of the fingers.



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I think it was pretty solid, too. My guy has never watched any of the previous seasons. He thinks it's weird, but he knows I am a bit warped. :lol:

But.... You know how it goes with this show. Strong start with an ehhh finish...


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Okay, who's watching? I read the reviews and synopses of Cult episodes, and it sounded interesting enough that I went ahead and ordered the season from Amazon. Knocked out the first three episodes last night - this one has potential. The problem with AHS is that they start off strong, then jump the shark midway and go downhill fast, so I hope that doesn't happen with this season.

To those who think it's a political hack job, it's not. The focus is on fear and the hivemind, and it's filled with over the top stereotypes (because if it was about normal people, nobody would watch). Sarah Paulson's character is a highly stereotypical progbot crazy...who really is crazy. Evan Peters' character doesn't really represent any Trump supporter that I've seen, and he's not so much political as he is flat out psychotic. That Trump "triggered" him is fairly incidental, but Sarah Paulson's trigger is directly related to Trump's election. The reviewers who say that this is some Leftist anti-Trump screed are being oversensitive and missing the point hard.

Blood and gore, of course (the scene where the grit girl's pierced tongue hits the dirt....:lol:). Implausible reactions, naturally (the menacing nanny would have been fired rather quickly in real life, and "stand your ground" doesn't mean you can gun someone down just because you were afraid). The scene where Ivy slugs Ally across the face - SO satisfying! I'd been wanting to do that since she appeared on the screen in the first episode.

So far I love this season!