Americans Are Growing Less Willing To Beg for Permission To Make a Living


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It appears that government-imposed restrictions on travel, business, and social contact don't become more palatable with age. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to simmer, the one competency that officials have consistently displayed is in tightening the screws, using the licenses and permissions they require as enforcement tools. For people tired of being bossed around, the obvious response is to carry on without the government's imprimatur—and they're doing so in droves. It's an attitude likely to live on long after the crisis has passed.

"Our businesses are doomed," Chris Polone, co-owner of a Fort Worth bar that was one of more than 800 such establishments to open in defiance of Texas closure orders, said at the end of July. "We have nothing to lose. We can either fight this thing, Or we can starve ourselves out."

As apocalyptic as that sounds, it's a reasonable statement when the review site Yelp reports that 55 percent of all businesses shut during the pandemic are believed to have closed their doors forever. For many entrepreneurs, breaking the rules may be the only way to survive.


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The American character has always bristled at Authoritarian rule...that is what drew millions of Hungarians ('56), Cubans, Vietnamese, Chinese and Olympic Athletes from EVERY oppressive nation. Why would we accept it growing now?...I will speculate that during the Great Depression, Millions of Americans went with the idea that 'Mr Roosevelt has a new idea that will get us all jobs and a weekly paycheck.'...followed by "Rationing during the war is your Patriotic Duty!"

That attitude of compliance melted away and was STOMPED on during the 1960's. However, the cycle has now returned, again run by Leftists that the STATE knows what is best (except for the Orange Man) and when they finally get into the WH and take the senate...they can finally run things the right way & MAKE people behave the way they want. Its the dream of every little Stalinist out there. BUT, Americans never embrace authoritarian regimes--we see that right now. BUT, some Americans are now willing to surrender their freedoms because of fear (inspired by the Media & Medical quacks).

We are in a ideological war,...and 80% of America really doesn't recognize that.
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..they can finally run things the right way & MAKE people behave the way they want.

Progressives have said for yrs ..... WE Need POWER for force change

American's are too SELFISH or Stupid to understand whats good for them - this was most prevalent in the 90's RE: Global Climate Warming Change

Now you are a Fascist if you don't Speak FOR AntiFA or how brown people if you don't publicly espouse Black Lives Matter or dare say All Lives Matter


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An autocratic regime can only exist if it has dominant control.
So what do they need control of?
*ALL money
*Building codes

These facets (and more) are ALWAYS trying to be controlled by the left. They are never the party of Freedom & personal responsibility. We may snicker & call them the Nanny state,...but in reality, they want the opposite of being a "Champion of the Minority/Little Guy/Marginalized"...instead they pathologically demand to be the unquestioned RULER of all.
(and they have had some very distinct success with that passionate drive)