Amherst University's 'Common Language Guide' Is Orwellian


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The Common Language Guide was sent out by Amherst University. It wasn't sent out by the language departments, and it wasn't sent out by the English departments. Amherst has a good English program and you'd think maybe a guide on language would be sent out by them — no. It wasn't even sent out by the Office of the President or the Office of the Dean of Students. It was sent out by the Office of Inclusion and Diversity. This is something out of 1984. This is something right out of George Orwell to hear things like the Office of Inclusion and Diversity.

What does that office do? What is the purpose of that? Campuses are quite diverse, and they've been very diverse for a very long time. They're inclusive, it's a university. That’s the point of inclusion, well I guess they aren't inclusive to all of the conservative speakers that they disinvite. But the Office of Inclusion and Diversity is leading the charge to disinvite those people. So, what do they do? They send out Orwellian guides like this. They police people’s language, they enforce speech codes, they try to stop the free expression of ideas and they try to enforce a leftist ideology and a leftist orthodoxy. This is how they described it.

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