Amish Metal Roof


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Has anyone had the amish put a metal roof on their house? Do you like it and who did you use? I am getting estimates for roofing and would like to price the metal from the amish.


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Just had metal roof put on my shed. Did great work, looks nice. I went through RD Cross in Brandywine. Probably paid more cause I believe there was a middle man involved. Had to find something to spend my stimulus check on. The Amish fellow lived right here off of Thompson's Corner Rd.. his name was Levi and he did great job.


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Go to Brookline Metals and talk to Levi. He will give you the names and numbers of ones to contact. He gave me the number for Eli. Eli gave me a price which was very reasonable. He gave me a day he would be starting, showed up with 3 others guys around 8 am and were finished in the early afternoon. 2100 sq. ft. house. Brookline has many different colors to choose from. When it was delivered, Eli's crew had very little cutting to do. All the metal came in the lengths for each side of the roof.