Amy Klobuchar Mocked After Implying that Democrat Policies Could Help Prevent Hurricanes


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During an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Klobuchar bragged that Democrats “just did something about climate change, for the first time in decades.”

“That’s why we’ve got to win this, as that hurricane bears down on Florida. We got a win in the midterms,” Klobuchar said, implying that Democrat policies would help prevent extreme weather.

Because there is no known Democrat policy that has stopped a hurricane, Klobuchar’s remark prompted mockery across social media.

“Did Amy Klobuchar just suggest voting for Democrats will stop hurricanes?” RNC Research asked:



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“Hurricanes or democrats, what’s more destructive?” one user inquired.

“Amy Klobuchar is the woman who ate her salad with a comb so don’t be surprised that she thinks Dems can stop hurricanes,” another remarked.

“Wow very weird!” another user exclaimed. “Taking credit for controlling the weather! Wow!!”

“If you vote for democrats, Florida will not get hit by this hurricane,” another mocked as one added, “Vote for me and I’ll change the weather.”