An update on the #NeverTrump movement


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An update on the #NeverTrump movement

my opposition to the president has not diminished one iota. I was instantly and viscerally opposed to Trump from the moment he came down the escalator at Trump Tower denouncing Mexicans as rapists and murderers — and everything that’s happened in the three-plus years since has only deepened my revulsion.
That neatly sums up how educated and informed adults who actually care about the present and future of this country should feel.


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You don't seem to care how ridiculous you look as long as you can vent your hysteria on the world.
I don't think these people are allowed to see real news. Their contact with the outside world is controlled fairly tightly. I say that because of the new narrative on the prog media that the gangs of screaming people attacking Trump supporters and various Republicans, many times being violent, shouldn't be called "mobs". They're "concerned citizens", not angry mobs.

And of course any sane person seeing the video would definitely call these psychos a mob, but the prog press is indoctrinating their cultists to think of them as simply "exercising their free speech". That old guy standing on the corner with a MAGA hat? THAT is a violent mob - he clearly is a Nazi who wants to kill everyone, and he must be destroyed. The group of people who attack him - not a mob. The people who get on social media and make specific death threats at a Supreme Court Justice? Not a mob.

It's fairly surreal that a large group of people can be so indoctrinated and brainwashed by the media and a bunch of politicians, but humans have always been easily led and prone to confirmation bias. The good news is that more people every day are seeing reality and rejecting these fascist tactics, and it's going to cost the Dems that blue wave they keep talking about.


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I got as far as the characterization of NTs as "center-right". Since I already had the piece that says he said all Mexicans were rapists and murderers, my standard rule that says if you have to misstate the other guys position, you are done, that was it.