And since we're on the subject:


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What band can you just flat not listen to? Otter thinks I'm an infidel because I can't stand REO Speedwagon or Journey. :ick:

Air Supply makes my skin crawl.

And I won't listen to obscenity ghetto garbage.


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And that stupid woman who sings "I kissed a girl" she has another massively retarded song out now that makes me want to ice pick my eardrums. :lalala:

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The Beach Boys make me want to :barf:. Celine Dion can also have that effect on me and Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons make my hair stand on end...not in a good way...

Christy, they played Andrea Bocelli during dinner at the Ball last night. :love:


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Styx. The lead singer sounds as if he's in the middle of a castration operation whenever he opens his mouth.

Other yucks....the Beach Boys, almost anything country, Celine Dion (just on principle), Jethro Tull (don't tell Bob).

Actually, there's a lot that I don't care for. My list for favorites is much shorter. :lol:


Other than the Beatles I can't think of any band that makes me cringe......I was never fond of Chicago they sucked.