And who will be running the show while he is "prepping"?


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The same people who have been running it for the last 3.5 years! If someone needs a week of prep for a 90 minute scripted debate there is an issue.



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They all do that. It's somewhat comical, yet disturbing - like they're rehearsing a play.
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I'm guessing that the questions posed to Biden will be such fawning softballs as to make the debate look like an SNL sketch.

Hoping when that happens, Trump pauses and says something like "the whole world is watching - and if that's the way you want it, so be it. I'm still going to answer any question you have". And then proceed to blow them away with what he has in mind. If he can make it abundantly clear the moderators are highly partisan morons WITHOUT showing anger - I think he beats them.

ANGRY Trump is what we want - but calm, cool, collected Trump is what is needed - to WIN.