Anderson Cooper Commits the Crime of Journalism


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🔥🔥 Maybe the media hasn’t completely finished doing real journalism yet and thrown in the anti-Turnip towel. Last night, live on Anderson Cooper, a CNN reporter read a terrific Trump quote to CNN viewers:

image 15.png

CLIP: CNN recites Trump quote about Biden’s insurance policy (0:25).

Here’s what, while Anderson Cooper squirmed in discomfort, the CNN reporter soberly read out loud on live news last night. She reported that Trump said:

Whatever else can be said about crooked Joe Biden, you have to give him credit for one brilliant decision: picking Kamala Harris as his vice president was the greatest insurance policy of all time. If Joe had picked someone even halfway competent, they would have bounced him from his office years ago.

If Biden does stay in the race, just imagine all the terrific new material the Trump Campaign can now work with, taken from just the last week of anti-Turnip programming in corporate media. Get ready for the wildest election season ever.