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Historically, being elected President while a member of the House - or having most recently served in the House - is rare.
From what I can tell, only two were ever elected in this way - Lincoln and Garfield (by some odd coincidence, both shot)
and Lincoln hadn't held an office in several years before he ran.

There were a few others - such as most recently, Ford - but they were never elected President.
Running for President while a member of the House is a long shot. But several Vice-Presidents and VP candidates
have been Representatives.

In the last century, your best bet has been being a governor.


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Financing a Presidential campaign is a big factor in winning.
With 24 people running the financing is split thin for most of them.
Most of those running are a political joke anyway.

Of course many of them will drop out before the primaries.
A debate among 24 people is almost impossible
It would last half the night.

My list of those who may have a chance at the job of facing Donald Trump is down to three. Biden, Warren, and Bernie.