Another Disappointing Dinner Out

I was in the mood for a French dip. Red Robin has one that's pretty good, hadn't been there in a while, so I went there. The onion rings are pretty good too. Sat down, looked at the menu. No French dip. Huh. Ask the waitress. Nope, no more. Gone. A few things disappeared she said, like coleslaw, can't remember what else. .sigh.

Ok, got a bacon cheeseburger with onion rings. Asked for the burger as rare as they could make it. I guess 'medium' is now rare. .sigh. More on that later...

Seems there used to be more onion rings in an order, looked a bit thin.... Bit into an onion ring. Barely, just barely, warm enough. Should be served hot. .sigh.

All this time, that Ziosk thingy is scrolling thru the games, movies, menus, etc.... finish my meal, reach for the ziosk to check out, and...... it's dead. Had to ask for a paper check. .sigh.

Mediocrity and 'not my job' abound. And people just suck it up like it's ok. Well, Red Robin is no longer on my dinner list. I wasn't even offered a sugar packet. :ohwell:

And about the rare thing: This is my scale of doneness:
Medium rare
Medium well
Kwillia < this is now an official doneness rating.



Board Mommy
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I'm not an enormous fan of Red Robin. It's okay for a drink and nosh, but their burgers are somewhat gross and the fries are those fat potatoey ones that I hate.


American Beauty
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I'd already forgotten that I had lunch there last week. It was that memorable.


Having a Beer while the world burns!
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Damn. I liked going into RR for Onion rings and a draft once in a while.


Having a Beer while the world burns!
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:nono: Ruddy Duck for rings and beer!
Ruddy duck is an obnoxiously long wait in traffic to cross the bridge.

I'll just drink one out of the bottle at home and imagine an order of onion rings before i venture into that.


Having a Beer while the world burns!
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I'll look for them but I hope they turn out better than the checkers fries they sell in the freezer section.


Throwing the deuces
Family went to Red Robin years ago (like when it first opened). All of us were in the bathroom before we left for home. Never been back since.