Anti-Extremism Researcher Exposes How the Left Drives People to the Far-Right


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Movements like white nationalism consist of “principled fanatics and joiners,” Buckby told Triggernometry. “A joiner is someone who’s devoid of any sort of ideology, it’s someone who’s an outcast, they’re vulnerable, they don’t have much going in their life and looking for community.” He, however, was a “principled fanatic.”

“I joined because I saw real-world problems,” he explained. He listed the horrific Muslim “grooming gangs” that rape Western women in European countries.

“Extremism isn’t created in the void. You see a real problem — grooming gangs, immigration is too high … and you join pretty much anyone who’s willing to talk about it,” Buckby explained.

The cycle of radicalization “starts with negligent politicians” unwilling to discuss the issues, making concerned citizens grow frustrated. Then the media, which “should be a check on the politicians,” start “calling the working-class people racist.”

Then the exasperated citizens go out in the street to get the media to pay attention to their message, and “the far-left activists break your window or something or smash your head with a bike lock.”

“It’s backing you into a corner,” Buckby explained.

This vicious cycle led him to embrace white nationalism and worse, but he said the movement turned on him. He mentioned having family who suffered in the Holocaust, and other white nationalists thought he was Jewish. They were “completely authoritarian about European identity,” he said.


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It boils down to people getting a bellyful Of the Bullsh!t.

The riots, the killings, the accusations of racism from racists themselves.

Can't we all just get along?? Not when people are constantly making stupid accusations and hypocritical marches for black lives while killing their aborted babies and shooting each other in the streets and a political party and the media kissing their ass.

There is not a white guilt or sympathetic bone in my body for people who use terrorism and anarchy to as a means to support a message they only play word games with. ANTIFA ---white anarchists who join them not to support black lives but to get away with anarchy and terrorism under their umbrella are criminals and should be rode into the ground like the KKK was years ago.
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Can't we all just get along??
We largely do get along. It's the metro areas and coasts that have problems, and the media acts like they're all that matters. They'll do some piece about black and white people cooperating on something as an "aw, isn't that sweet?" story, like it's so unusual. But in the real world outside the concrete jungle, it's the norm.