Any Good Broiled Fish In Area??


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Being from Seattle I grew upon on salmon and Alaskan King Crab - not Dungeness (we don't have them in Dungeness & there are no sno-crabs)I was pleasantly surprised with the fish buffet at the Chesapeake Fish House in Waldorf - Athenian usualy has a fish special - like Bert's fish sandwhich but the biggest and sweetest Alaskan King crabs I have had is when we were by the Poconoes at Alaskan Petes in Pa. The best in all my years of travel - The Silver Skewer has a good salmon and rice dish - their rice has been written up it is so light and delicate - I don't like the beef skewer - did like the chicken one -


If you like salmon in particular, Dry Dock in Solomon's almost always has it on the menu, and it is excellent. They change the menu every day, but salmon is almost always there.

Other places I have had good salmon include Brome Howard Inn and Old Field Inn. These are fine dining restaurants.

My favorite place of all for broiled fish is Courtney's down in Ridge. The owner is a fisherman who catches the fish himself.

These are just a few of the places that come to mind off the top of my head.


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Broiled Fish

The Boston Market had great cod every Friday for a while - dog gone if they didn't stop it - maybe just during Lent - I love halibut better then salmon - like to go to Smith Island for their crab cakes - - I wonder where they have good crab cakes - I just hate boney and greasy fish -
like scallops - at raw oysters for the first time, then fixed myself a grass hopper - as I was volonteer bartending for a charity thing - talk about sick - - tried frogs and alligator - I love shrimp tempura and prawns when we were in New Orleans - - grew up on Crab Louies in Seattle - :cheers: and ALASKAN king crab legs - -
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Neat! I'm from Seattle too! Everett to be exact.... Nice having you here. Check out Evans for broiled Fish.... I'm sure they have Salmon although I always get the Crabs or Flounder when I'm there. :wink:


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I'm from Nebraska and broiled fish is just unnatural. Fish should be battered and fried. It's the only way. There was a place in Omaha called Joe Tess' and once a week they had all you can eat fried catfish. Oh MAN! :yum:


I had some great fried fish just the other day at St. James Deli. I don't know how it compares to other places, but I thought it was excellent! I think most places in SM do a good job with fried fish. But good broiled is still pretty rare around here.

And, Vrail, I LOVE fried fish, but if I ate it all the time, I think my stomach would start a major rebellion. :biggrin: