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Recently, we got a glossy sheet of old 35mm film strips depicting a family event back in the 1960's. Its a glossy sheet with 4 strips of photographs printed on it . Is there anyone or anyplace that could print 3x5 pictures from the sheet?

There has to be some way of doing this but I am not a photography student or even a novice..

What you have is called a contact sheet or proof sheet. I just spoke with my brother who retails the kiosks for Kodak and has a long background in photo. He says you have two real choices. One is to use a flatbed scanner on a home printer to preview, crop and scan in each photo, then print it. Depending on the quality of the photo in the original proof sheet will dictate how usable the end photo is. The other method is to photograph the contact sheet, then crop and print each photo. This has issues with parallax and lighting and may not provide good results.

You might be able to take it to CVS or Walmart and use their kiosk to scan, crop and print, but might be a bit pricey.

He wasn't sure anyone at a photo lab would try to use a contact sheet to make prints, but you could ask.