Anyone have experience with Weavers Cut Flowers?


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The time has come and I'm finally getting married.... I need to find someone take care of the flowers for the wedding. A few folks recommended that I check out the Amish for their flowers. I stopped by Zimmerman's and was given a card for Weavers Cut Flowers.

Has anyone had any experience with them? Anyone use their flowers for weddings?

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Love Mrs. Weaver and her husband!! They did my flowers for my wedding last fall and did a beautiful job. I have also been to quite a few weddings that she has done. With my experience, it was easier for her if you have an idea of what you want, she can get any flower from the wholesaler as long as it is in season. The flowers they grow there are very cheap if you want to use them too. Only downfall is someone must pick them up, and I recommend doing that the day of the wedding so she can put them together that morning. She did all my bouquets,boutineers, and 40 centerpieces and I have no complaints about any of the flowers! Also, I got married 2 weeks after the hurricane and luckily her home grown flowers spruced right back up and were blooming. Def would recommend meeting with her since you can't beat her prices!