AOC - If you are Pro-Life You Have NO Place In Gov. - Anywhere


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AOC wonders if pro-life Democrats should continue to serve: 'We really need to reassess'

"Also, if you live in a blue area, when people say ‘go vote,’ that should include primary elections too," she told her followers. "Because, the thing that a lot of people don't like to talk about, is the fact that not every Democrat is pro-choice. Okay? So, the ones that aren't, we really need to reassess if it's appropriate for them to continue to serve in 2022 because people should have the right to control their own body. This is pretty basic."

The congresswoman said that her guidance should be applied to elections at the municipal, state and federal levels.

Ocasio-Cortez noted that goes for even deep blue states like New York, where some of the veteran politicians serving aid corporations "that finance anti-choice Republicans."

Several other Democrats and liberal media figures have sounded off on the abortion ruling in the past few days, with Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison calling the decision "illegitimate."

"It isn’t up to you, this illegitimate court, or a bunch of state elected officials to decide what happens to a woman’s body… that choice belongs to a woman and no one else! Period!!!" the DNC chairman said.