AOC - Wants To Nationalize Tesla


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“I believe that the progressive movement is the only movement that has answers right now,” she said. “We're the only ones that are drawing from the lessons of history, from Franklin Delano Roosevelt, from some of the most ambitious projects that we have pursued in American history. And that truly again is the scale that it's going to take.”

Ocasio-Cortez also suggested the federal government should nationalize Tesla’s technology, following the company’s receipt of tax subsidies. [Video]

It’s past time, she said, that the government gets its “due” for this “investment.”

“I think that there's so much work that has been done and there are some outlying questions, especially when it comes to investment in technologies, when we as a public choose to invest in private — when we as a public choose to invest in new technologies, we deserve a return on that investment,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “And for far too long we gave money to Tesla, we gave money to a ton of people, and we got no return on our investment that the public made in creating technologies. And it's about time that we get our due, because it's the public that funded and financed a lot of innovative technologies and that's another, you know, way to go."

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B better keep her grubby socialist mitts off my stock. Good article about this.....

Now, the EV tax credit applies to all makers equally and so should be left out of specific company discussions.

Other than the federal EV tax credit, the form of “subsidization” that most people are probably referring to — again, even if they don’t know the specifics — are the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program loans that Tesla, Ford, Nissan, and Fisker were granted roughly a decade ago. Tesla, it should be realized, paid that loan off completely (+ interest) quite a while back — several years in advance of the payback deadline — which means that of all the auto manufacturers that utilized the program, Tesla was the first to pay off its loan completely.


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Dont you know that repetition = reality. If all her friends know that Tesla only exists because of subsidies, then that's what's real to her. Cracks me up that she want to destroy the only damn goose to make money selling EVs. Of course, she thinks government makes everything better.


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You greedy one-percenter you. :razz:

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