Apple Corp Fascism


PREMO Member
His speech was such a prime example of smiley-faced liberal fascism that it deserves a close-up examination.

Cook bragged that “haters” would be banned from Apple’s platforms. “There is no time to get tied up in knots,” he said. By knots, I have to assume he means the moral discomfort that often arises when we put the value of liberty above our own personal views — as when, for instance, our great nation allowed people to argue that gay marriage is a right even though a majority of the people believed homosexuality to be a sin. It is not silencing “haters” that moves us forward, it is allowing all to have their say no matter how strongly we disagree.

Cook went on: “We only have one message for those who seek to push hate, division and violence: you have no place on our platforms, you have no home here.”