Arizona pair arrested after coughing on Walmart employees


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Employees allegedly told police that Frank Montoya, 38, and Victoria Parra Carranza, 23 refused to wear masks. That prompted the couple to deliberately cough on employees, the Yuma Police Department said on Facebook.

Police were originally dispatched to the Yuma Walmart at around 10:51 a.m. on July 8. When an officer attempted to stop the pair Montoya allegedly grew confrontational.

"Montoya was apprehended and fought with officers," police said. "While attempting to detain Montoya, Parra Carranza came up to the scene and was trying to interfere with officers."

Masks are racist!


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True.... EVERYTHING is wayyyyyysist today and it's to the point where I DGAF!
I saw an old video of some democrat bitch lecturing the acting head of DHS on the conditions.
Of course it's "racist" to detain people illegally entering the country.
No, we are supposed to let them go free, where they show up in places like Montgomery County to commit all sorts of violent crimes, to be turned loose because of mean racist orange man and ICE.

They have one agenda, open borders, centralized planning and equal outcomes.
That is spelled M A R X I S T.

This ad brought to you by George Soro and other billionare globalists who don't give a rats ass about you or me.