art or poor craftsmanship...who decides


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I grab shipping pallets and dissemble them for firewood or poor quality birdhouses, flower boxes, etc....

Apparently, my framing square (or bad pencil) isn't 90 degrees at all, it must be 87-89, maybe worser... so I have a selection of trapezoid birdhouses, flowerboxes etc...
nothing like 88 degree corners of 1/2 oak boards with a galvanized bent 16p nails curled...

IF I buy a beret, and an ascot and have my trucks radio tuned to an underground FM station, could I sell them at the Fairgrounds, pretending to be an Avant Garde artist?


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Replace the beret and ascot with a bed pan and crack pipe and advertise them as "Big Guy Creations". :yay:
Beat me to it. :lol:

Anyway, this thread is worthless without pics. In Bawhstn I saw houses that looked like that, all caddywhumpus, and they were revered as architectural masterpieces.