Ashley Biden's Diary (maybe)


Not confirmed of course but this is a link being passed around as such...

It reads just like an emotional wreck of a person with a substance abuse problem. I've read many just like this in the past and the thoughts are always sporadic.

I've only skimmed this.



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Ashley Biden CONFIRMS DIARY IS REAL, Snopes Updates Article Saying About Inappropriate Showers​



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WH is preparing a statement to explain that "Joe was a certified Lifeguard and was in the shower to protect her from drowning and other aquatic accidents"
And we know how he likes to swims.🤔


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I find it curious that Jill is quiet on the shower allegations. Either Joe was doing it without her knowing (creepy) or she knew and did nothing (hard to believe a mother wouldn't go all nuclear about this) or it didn't happen.