Astronomer responsible for demoting Pluto narrows search for hypothetical 'Planet Nine'


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The new study includes a "treasure map" of the planet’s likely orbit

In the continued search for the hypothetical ninth planet in our Solar System, Michael Brown, the CalTech astronomer who led the demotion of Pluto to a dwarf planet in 2006, has co-written a new study that claims to have narrowed the region the potential new planet could be located.

The study, in conjunction with astrophysicist Konstantin Batygin, proposes "Planet Nine" exists beyond Neptune and is six times the mass of Earth, according to reports.

The scientists first proposed Pluto had a replacement in a controversial study that came out in 2016 that said the clustering of asteroids and comets and other objects that orbit the sun in the Kuiper Belt suggests the existence of a large planet, National Geographic reported.