Auction on 10 Nov Oakville Farm


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I've seen signs on Rt 235 about a public auction on 10 Nov at Oakville Farm. Does anyone know anything about it? What time it starts and if there is website where you can see what's being auctioned? I've googled it, but can't find a thing about it. Thank you!


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There is a large auction held every year on a Mennonite farm off Friendship Road. Don't know the address exactly but you can't miss it auction weekend due to the crowd. They always put the signs out on 235 to advertise it.


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This is a totally different type of auction and is not what poster is asking
Please don't allow this to confuse with unintentional bad information


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Previews and registration starts Friday afternoon
Actual auction starts at 9am, lasts all day
Several auctions going on at same time
Food and animals for sale

Auctions of plants, trees, animals, furniture, building items, farming equipment, horse auction …. you name it and they are auctioning it
Lots of junk but treasures too

I leave with their bbq chicken for dinner each year

Auction is about two mile in off of Friendship school road (Rt. 235 side)
Cant miss


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Thank you all for the great information!!! I'll drive over to the auction tomorrow for the preview and see what all they have. Maybe see you there robstac! The Amish Quilt auction sounds great also....will have to check it out!