**Auto Scam**


Last week I was looking on autotrader.com for 93up RX-7's and came across a really nice one for $7,000. This is supposed to be the link, but the ad has been removed. Here is the specs of the advertisement:

Make: Mazda
Model: RX-7
Year: 1993
Price: 7000
Mileage: 86000
Body Style: Hatchback
Color: Silver
Cylinders: Rotary Engine
Transmission: Manual
Doors: Two Door
Stereo: Unavailable
VIN: JM1FD3314P0203097
Description: This RX-7 is wonderfull. Nothing has been left stock. Completely built to the highest standards using only the finest parts in the upgrade process. Only 2k miles on the clutch and motor. Built to hande over 20psi and produce over 600 flywheel horse power. Car has been completely built and maintained by Tripoint Engineering.

This immediatly got my attention. I figured it was too good to be true and tried to call the number which was associated with the ad. NO-go. I didnt bother to run the VIN number. I was thinking maybe the guy had a screwed up title or maybe some divorcee was screwin over an ex. anywho.... So I emailed him this to the return address that the ad was linked to:

This has got to be too good to be true. This car at this price?

Is the title boogered up?

Seals blown?

What's the deal?

I live in the southern maryland area.

and this is what I received:

Thank you for your interest in purchasing my car. My name is Clifton Byars and i am selling this Rx-7 R1-edition.
First of all I must inform you that currently I'm in Bulgaria and I have to let you know that the car is here with me and it is in a perfect condition.

I am the second owner of the car, I bought it directly from Us. It is still registered there and i am selling it because the import fees are too big here. Only 2k miles on the clutch and motor. Built to hande over 20psi and produce over 600 flywheel horse power.

The car it has a clear title which you will receive with the car.

It can be registered into your name, so stay cool about this.
The car is in perfect condition, it has never been damaged. The engine runs very well,and the transmision runs smooth. Mint condition
I have to tell you that I have other serious offers that I have to consider and I will make a decision regarding this sale by the time of payment and the price.

The price I hope to obtain is $7000 (this price includes the shipping and insurance) and if you agree with this price we can start to complete the transaction.

The payment must be done using a money order service.

I prefer money order because in this way I will ship the car in the same day you make the payment.
I know that the best deals are closed when the risk involved is minimum.You will arrange payment through Western Union (www.westernunion.com).

In case you want me to ship you the car right now you have to make me a payment of depozit (and after you receive and inspect the car you have to send me the rest of the money.
The inspection period for it is 5 days. I have something safe for you because I want you to be sure that you will receive the car and I hope we will collaborate in future too.
Look what I can do for you:

- you will make the transfer to my location but not to my name(you will use your best friends name for example as receiver's name) so you can be sure that I will not pick up the money until you get the car; so you make a deposit at Western Union and you will give me the transfer's details (SENDER'S NAME AND ADDRESS, RECEIVER'S NAME, MTCN) so I can check that the deposit was made.

After I verify it I will send you the car immediately.
- only after you will receive the car and check it if it's OK you will have to change the receiver's name of the transfer to my name so I can collect my money.

So until you will have the car at your home the money will be deposited on your best friend's name at Western Union Agency.

I think it is better not to inform Western Union that you will change the receivers name in a few days because it is possible they ask you to pay the fees twice (fees that are quite big for such an amount),also when you go to an Western Union office to make the transfer,please don't tell them the reason for sending the money because here in this country I must pay some additional taxes when I receive the funds.

Please tell them you send the money to your friend or to a business partner.
My old buyers made the transfer's at Western Union directly to my name which is easier and I will be happy if you can trust in me but because it is our first deal I proposed you this very safe and efficient method so you can only deposit the money first and after you get the car to allow me to receive them.

I will take you as a serious and possible buyer (this way I will loose all the nonpaying buyers that I occur everyday) and arrange a further deal but in this case you have to come in person to the car´s location to see the car and take it back with you or you can send a friend or agent that lives near by to inspect the car and pay the rest of the money.

After you've completed the transfer you will receive a confirmation that will allow me to track the transfer.

Here are the details that I need:

- sender's name and address;
- receiver's name, if you set a friend of yours as the receiver;
- exact amount wired;
- MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) (10 digits)
- if it is possible a scanned copy of the receipt format .JPEG for me to add to the files.

As soon as the payment will be confirmed and the money will be properly sent, I will IMMEDIATELY proceed with shipping if you send me the full amount or I will hold the car for you if you've deposited $1k.

In case you've payed the whole summ I will ship the car via Lufthansa Airplane Cargo insured and it will take 5-7 days until you will have it at your door step.

The amount of payment are fully refundable if for any reason you do not accept the car or if the car has scratches, hidden defects, or it is not as advertised. I will even pay for the shipping back to my location if you reject the car but since it is a state of the art and works and looks perfectly I think it wouldn't get to this.

Here is my address needed for the Western Union transfer:

My details:

City: Sofia
Country: Bulgaria
address: 89 Hristo Belchev
Zip Code: 1000
Let me know your address, name and phone # needed for the shipping forms

If you agree with these terms, let me know and I will be more than
glad to start completing the transaction with you. If you have any other questions fell free to email me

Thank you and I hope that you will have the pleasure to drive this car.
I am waiting your answer asap


I don't know if the ad has been reported or what, but just letting everyone know in case another like it pops up.


I forwarded that email to the Autotrader customer service and this is what I received:

Dear Dustin,

Thank you for reporting your security concerns. We take your security
seriously and will investigate your complaint right away. On the behalf
of our staff, I'm sorry you experienced any problems related to our

I can tell you that our security team constantly reviews our site for
suspicious activity and uses filters to block deceptive email and spam
from going to our customers. Unfortunately, there is no foolproof way
to identify and stop all fraudulent buyers or sellers. The best
prevention is using your own good judgment and being aware of the signs of
fraud. Find out more below.

How You Can Prevent Fraud

* Please review our Fraud Awareness Tips so you know the signs
of fraud.

* Sellers, copy and paste the link below:

* Buyers, copy and paste the link below:

* Links to Fraud Awareness Tips are also available on the main
Home Page and areas of the site where a seller's contact information is
displayed. They are also attached to all the emails that are sent to
Sellers directly from the site.

* Be particularly cautious if you receive email from us
encouraging you to complete a
sale. We never get involved in buyer-seller transactions and it is
probably a spoof.

* Fully check out any third-party agent, such as an escrow
service, on your own. We do
not endorse any escrow services.

* Continue to report any suspicious activity right away to us
as well as the appropriate
authorities. You can file a complaint with the Internet Fraud Complaint
Center (IFCC)
at: http://www1.ifccfbi.gov/index.asp.


Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this incident may have caused
you. And thank you for helping us fight fraud. Please contact us if you
have any questions or concerns.

You can email us at customerservice@autotrader.com or call us
Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-8 p.m. EST at 1-888-512-0094.

Thank you for using AutoTrader.com,
Tommy Flanagan
AutoTrader.com Customer Support

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