Autocycle class effective July 1, 2016

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Effective July 1, 2016, Motor Vehicle Administration, (MVA) will begin titling and registering certain 3-wheel motorcycles known as Autocycles. These unique vehicles are constructed using both automotive and motorcycle equipment, but with the majority of the equipment being based upon automotive equipment technology. The Maryland State Police, Automotive Safety Enforcement Division has created a Standard Operation Procedure(SOP) for all Maryland Inspection Mechanics/Stations to follow in regards to the inspection of this class vehicle. This SOP can be located on the Maryland State Police website on the ASED page under downloads

These unique vehicles will be inspected at class "A" inspection stations by class "A" inspection mechanics. These vehicles require at least a class "C" (regular, motorcycle endorsement not required) driver's license and you are required to wear a DOT approved helmet, unless the vehicle has an enclosed passenger compartment. Seatbelts are required to be worn when operating these vehicles as well.


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So, this isn't about a trike, not like you think. This is about the new three wheeler from Polaris, the Slighshot

They have been lobbying around the country trying to settle the law about what these things are preemptively. Seems a lot of places have this old category of Autocycle that Polaris is using the keep it simepl. Certainly not a motorcycle. Certainly not a car. But not a trike as virtually anyone thinks of them. Sending someone to any MSF course for the is ludicrous. Sice they are not cars, they don't meet too many of the FMSS standards, and a lot of automotive safety stuff simply isn't there. Also no OBDII for emissions, that sort of thing.