Back to the Future: When Did Omicron Begin?


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We might simply view GISAID as an excellent tool that was chosen as a host of pandemic genomic information precisely because it could be controlled by the COVID-Authoritarian Complex. Was that control important enough to "eliminate" a Johns Hopkins genomics researcher working on a separate and competing open source system?

Now, let us consider reasonable hypotheses for the proximal origins of omicron:
  • Origins H1: Omicron spread cryptically, undetected by insufficient surveillance methods. (We will talk about why those methods might have been insufficient.)
  • Origins H2: Omicron could have evolved in an immunocompromised host, chronically infected by weeks or months.
  • Origins H3: Omicron could have developed in non-human hosts, then reintroduced to a human who spread it to 24 million people in like 5 weeks.
Understand that H3 can be broad enough to include an array of possibilities including a lab leak by totally innocent researchers working with SARS-CoV-2, totally random human-to-mouse-to-human interactions with rapid evolution in the interim, and genetic engineering.
For those still harboring dissonance over the possibility that this entire pandemic was the outcrop of gain of function research, understand that sleuths have matched a 19 nucleotide sequence between SARS-CoV-2 and a sequence in a Moderna patent.

Naively, such matches should be on the order of 1 in a trillion events, but there are select biases inherent in genetic sequences, so let's just call it "one in many billions". Then allowing for the match to occur anywhere in the nearly 8,000 nucleotide genome (being generous and conservative), and over a few thousand patents, this is still a somewhat rare event. Those with a knee-jerk need to avoid the "conspiracy theorist" label might be forgiven for ignoring it. The problem is, all the other patent matches.