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And their breakfasts suck. They have the only waffles that are wanted by nobody.
The last Choice hotel we stayed at in Gatlinburg had a great breakfast buffet with real scrambled eggs, breakfast meats, and sausage gravy with terrific biscuits. But that was unusual - usually it's what you said: the waffles nobody cares about and overcooked green HB eggs.


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I guess I don't watch enough tv to recognize any of these commercials. Or I FF through them.
The mute button works well, too. You haven’t posted in a while. Hope all is well with you and yours. :howdy:

Also tired of Progressive and Geico.
Yeah, Flo, Jamey, and the lizard got old a long time ago. I could tell the story of my son getting rear ended 3 weeks ago and his car is totaled, but I will spare y’all. The lady that hit him has Geico. They are a joke as far as paying out. How is Miss T doing?
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Can you imagine if Florence, (the Maid in Movin' on Up, comedy from the 70's with Sherman Hemsley) was the Flo in the commercials bossing honky Jamie around??? That would be contemporary these days....Racist ???? Nawwwww...


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I dunno, I like Jamie the hero, that one was funny. And the lizard fishing was cool. I do hate the "You bump into one little car, and WHAM, your rates go up!!!" Well, duh, jackass, you were the at fault driver.


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Geico used to have some pretty funny commercials, but, the ones they have now, all suck!! Especially the homeowners insurance....I love you pookie bear...:burning:


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Who is that chubby white kid with a ‘fro and a slight speech impediment who shows up selling Fios??? I’m glad he’s not in my neighborhood.