Bald Eagle just...

Larry Gude

Strung Out
...flew past the greenhouses...

There's a pair that lives in a pine thicket about a mile away.

Breath taking. Every time.

Larry Gude

Strung Out
Lucky, I wish there were one near here. To watch them soar is just like you said, breathtaking.

Oh, the sun is out and every time she/he banks, their tail just lights up!!! There is a fresh breeze so, it is just flowing along, absolutely SOARING.


Raisin cane
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I was out at Port Tobacco recently and saw two crows chasing two bald eagles. It was pretty amazing.


They call me ... Sarcasmo
Ospreys chase and harass our nesting pairs down here all the time. But O'Malleys windmills are going to be killing off both here soon.