Balenciaga pedophile scandal


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(Which will not be punished, btw...)

Anyway, for those who haven't seen it, Balenciaga - a ritzy fashion design company - did a photo shoot with toddlers promoting BDSM gear and containing pedophilia props.

Balenciaga is supposedly suing the marketing company that produced the ads. "Oh, we had no idea!"

So, #1, that's bullshit. The marketing people at Balenciaga signed off on the campaign, and it was certainly approved up the chain. ****ing liars.

#2, what parents allowed their toddler to appear in that campaign? I'd go after them, strap them to the chair, and put their babies in a good home where they won't be sexually exploited.

#3, Balenciaga is sorreeeee....please accept their apologeeeeee :singer: That's a fat load. They are not sorry. They did it with complete awareness and approval. They're just sorry they got busted being pedophiles and catering to the richy rich pedo class.

Hey Democrats? You get all whiny and stomp your little feet when sane people call you pedophiles and groomers, and yet almost every day there's another example of you being exactly that. So seriously, shut the **** up with your pedo groomer bullshit. At the very least you worship child rapists, which makes you just as evil.


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Even the New York Times was forced to weigh in, in an article published late yesterday. Check out this headline: “When High Fashion and QAnon Collide.” The Times called the story an “explicit collision of internet culture, politics, fashion and conspiracy theories.” The Times seemed shocked by the brand’s sudden downfall, reporting that it took less than two weeks for the designer to retreat into abject apology for its admittedly “grievous errors”:

On Nov. 28, almost two weeks after the storm started brewing — and after a series of Instagram apologies that failed to quell it — the brand issued a statement admitting “a series of grievous errors for which Balenciaga takes responsibility.” The fashion house announced ongoing “internal and external investigations” and “new controls” and said it was reaching out to “organizations who specialize in child protection and aim at ending child abuse and exploitation.”

“We want to learn from our mistakes and identify ways we can contribute,” the statement read.

The Times reported that since the teddy bear campaign images were released, the photographer, Mr. Gabriele Galimberti, said he has been inundated with hate mail and death threats, has had jobs canceled, and has been doxxed.

Too bad.



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you forgot to mention the yellow caution tape with Baal .,..


🔥 Speaking of pedophilia, earlier this week we looked at the Balenciaga story, and I predicted that despite cancelling the offensive ad campaign and after multiple, well-crafted, public relations-style apologies, the fashion brand still may never recover from the blunder. I suggested that on reason the wound looks fatal is because of how much attention the designer is getting now, from people who are microscopically inspecting everything the designer has ever done and hunting for incriminating evidence.

I always wonder whether to run this kind of stuff, but independent reviewers took a closer look at the company’s name, and what they found is not going to help the dark designer’s cause any.

It turns out that, if you add double the first ‘a’ in the name, which might be fair to do, as I’ll explain in a moment, and then break the name into three ‘words,’ you get this: Baal enci aga. Then — try it yourself, I did — Google translates the three words from Latin to English as: “Baal is the king.”

If Balenciaga knew about this, it’s pretty icky. Christians immediately recognized the historical name Baal, which is an ancient near-middle-eastern diety, usually portrayed in archeological sites, relics, and icons as a bull. He’s long lasting; over the years, many different societies have adapted various versions of the diety, like Beelzebub, the lord of flies.

Baal was a pretty ugly religion. Early Baal worship is associated with child sacrifice, ritual homosexuality and cult prostitution. It’s so gross the Bible specifically and repeatedly condemns Baal worship. Most significantly, a lot of people use Baal as synonym for Satan, the kind of nickname a hip Satanist might use to show they’re in the ‘cool kids’ club.

But, the essential question is whether it is fair to add the extra ‘a’. You can transform lots of otherwise innocent words into bad stuff if you’re allowed to add letters. But you can’t deny that THIS happened in one of the new campaign ads: Balenciaga spelled their own name using the double-a.



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I think what astonishes me - actually, not really - is how swiftly the left CAME TO DEFEND THEM.


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Well maybe he didn't waste the money on his lips.
It probably helps make a good suction seal.