Baltimore Police in the news again


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I have an observation or two.... most accredited police and fire departments have monitoring policies intact wherein one can only work “x” amount of hours per week. It’s to keep everyone safe and alert.

Now, you all may or not know that the “O’s” and Birds gave uniformed officers working all home games, MANDATED by the City. Also for
the Mayors book sales.... ahem...
A sergeant in the City probably makes 100k w/o overtime but when working that is probably time and a half and some cases double time. so, that earnings statement is crazy but possible. Who released it anyway?
Now, how many of YOU would work in that poop hole on shiftwork, even on holidays????
He didn't make a single statement as he walked by, he continued to make statements after he walked by.

Either way, he distracted the officer while the officer had a detainee - he disrupted the arrest. that's not ok. If someone slaps you softly or punches you hard in the face, it's assault either way.

The citizen had absolutely no grounds for disrupting the arrest, distracting the officer. He did it to be a jackass because he anticipated zero consequence. He was wrong.

The officer, seemingly, overreacted.

They were both wrong.
This is my take on it. IMO, the dude became a possible threat when he engaged in the event.