Beauty Hack FAIL


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I am so jaded, I immediately thought she did it for the views/followers. Not the initial spraying of the glue but documenting trying to remove it. Personally, if I suddenly became that stupid as to spray into my hair, the last thing I'd do would be post about it.


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And she's lived with it like that for a month?? After one day I would have cut it and shaved it.


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Well of course she is now suing... :duh:
Of course. This has been the standard modus operandi of stupid people for decades. That's why companies print a 3 paragraph disclaimer on the packaging of power tools. Stupid people aren't held responsible for their stupidity. They ought to counter sue for defamation.

"We gehhing paid!"


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"...Miss Brown has received medical treatment from her local medical facility and wish her the best."

Translate: There's no way in hell we will offer to compensate you for your stupidity. It's glue for crying out loud. Our lawyers are preparing as we speak.


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I wonder how she procured the Gorilla Glue. Certainly not in the beauty section of the store.
Well, you know how people are always picking up something, deciding they don't really want it, and putting on the closest shelf rather than back where they found it.

So I'm thinking there could be some good pranks in this. Put a can of Reddi-Whip in the contraceptives aisle. Rustoleum Red in the hair dye section. Weed-B-Gon on the bath oil shelf.

Then just watch Darwin do his thing.


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That's just evil.

But ... wood stain with the suntan lotions. Reciprocating saws with the marital aids. Oh wait... that's been done....