Beauty Hack FAIL

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The right haircut can change your life.

Tessica Brown’s tresses are finally free, after previously styling her hair with Gorilla Glue and tangling herself into a sticky situation when the product wouldn’t budge. The Louisiana woman went viral on social media for documenting her struggles to remove it, but only found relief following a successful procedure with a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles.

Now Brown — probably feeling brand-new — has debuted a sleek new look to start fresh. On Sunday, the 40-year-old visited a local barbershop in her home state for a trim and style, TMZ reports. The makeover at Below Zero in Violet was said to be free of charge, as the professionals empathized with her now-viral plight.
Woman who sprayed hair with Gorilla Glue debuts new look after surgery | Fox News

jazz lady

~*~ Rara Avis ~*~
First Gorilla Glue, now this: Dermatologists warn against new waxing trend on TikTok

That’s just got to hurt.

You shouldn’t try everything you see on the internet, and dermatologists are urging TikTok users not to strip their faces with hot wax after the dangerous stunt started trending online.

The Kapsalon Freedom hair salon in Gemert, Netherlands, had shot to stardom on the video-sharing platform in recent months for its full-face hot wax treatment, the BBC reported this week. During the salon's service, wax is applied across a customer's face, mouth, neck — and even sometimes the inside of their ears and nose — and allowed to harden before being stripped away. Cotton swabs are apparently used to create air passages during the procedure, with strips of paper applied to protect eyebrows and eyelashes.

Dermatologists warn against face-waxing trend on TikTok | Fox News