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So congratulations, Republicans, on keeping your promise to protect people with preexisting conditions by no longer trying to take away protections for people with preexisting conditions.
What about the other promise, to protect us from the terrifying invasion of asylum seekers from the south? I have some good news there too: You and your family will not be killed by the caravan. Thanks, Republicans!


Of course, the reason is that the caravan was never a threat in the first place.


What we do know is that now that the election is over, Republicans will stop talking about it. What two days ago was a terrifying threat to the life of every Fox News viewer will be quickly forgotten.
Republicans’ campaign promises are already vanishing into thin air

You won't hear anything more about birthright citizenship either I bet.


Awww, jeez
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Law & order are important issues to many Americans. We have a process in place for people to come here legally. Why thousands of people refuse to respect our laws and think they can just force their way into our country is mind numbing. Perhaps if the democratic party didn't send them a message that our southern border is wide open, that would be a start.