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for stretch mark prevention. Whether it is a home made concotion or something easily bought at Walmart I wanna hear what did and didn't work for you. :peace:


Salt Life
I hear vitamin E is good. My tummy itched and itched my entire pregnancy as it got bigger. I used lots and lots of lotion everyday which seemed to help.


Salt Life
baileydog said:
How do you stop them? answer...condom. get it hahah. I guess not. sorry.
You're implying you only get stretch marks from pregnancy, so therefore, use it a condom and you won't get pregnant.

I've seen plenty of guys with them, and lots of overweight adults, too. :razz:


Cleopatra Jones
Lotion, lotion, lotion. My belly itched as well. I was fortunate not to get stretch marks on my stomach my lotioned up well after every shower. I can't say that's what prevented it but I can't say it didn't either.


I had my two kids 16 months apart and I used Cocoa Butter every day and applied it in am and after bath and also whenever my skin felt dry. It worked great. I have no visible stretch marks. I bought this expensive crap called Elemis but it was way to greasy and I found that the cheap Cocoa Butter in the huge bottle made by Queen Helene worked much better. I think the point is to keep the skin supple for when it stretches to make room for baby. However, some people are just prone to have stretch marks.


If your mother/sister has stretch marks, you will most likely get them too. I don't think lotion works either, you need to keep your skin hydrated. The best thing to do is to drink a lot of water, and it will work better than anything you apply to your skin. Lotion will help with itching, just not with stretch marks. For diet changes, watch your tuna intake (or any fish with high mercury counts). Best wishes.


I am so very blessed
I picked up this expensive tube of Shea Butter that made all kinds of claims about reducing wrinkles and preventing stretch marks. The packaging was awesome - the tube was made out of metal. The lotion was really really solid, more like a paste than a lotion. Anway, the tube was so hard to squeeze out, I never used the stuff. Stay away from that brand.