Bethesda Blues and Jazz...

Larry Gude

Strung Out
Saw Jo Dee Messina there last Saturday night and the club is a GREAT venue. Great atmosphere, great sound. Only complaint is the mens room is down a flight of stairs.

Ok, so, it is a dinner theater and the grub was NOT bad. The service will probably suck for anyone who is a service snob as the place seems to really like to have kids waiting and they don't train them much. However, managers prowl and they got us taken care of, no big deal.

In any event, unless you HAVE to be as close as possible, the tables in the back are as good as every other table other than the very front. The theater seating is fine.

Now, Jo Dee, when we were walking in, this out of it chick holding on to this guys are for dear life comes across Wisconsin Ave, she of this gorgeous, enormously fake looking burgundy red hair. Jo Effing Dee!!!!!!! Presume she just woke up because she did not look happy nor look around at all. We totally left her alone though it was just us and her and manager at the time. We were all star struck and stuff.

So, Jessica Lynch is the opener. If you like chicks and country, she seems to be an up and comer. They only gave her 30 minutes but, enjoyed it. Also, half her band was either missing or they did an acoustic set on purpose. Have not found out about that yet.

Then, Jo Dee comes on. The place is, maybe, 2/3 full, a 500 seat hall. I don't get that, at all. Is she really that far down from her hey day???? So, I'm thinking, OK, she's all ####ed up, has bills to pay, this is gonna suck or maybe just be sorta lame.

She KICKED ass and POURED her guts out. This woman did NOT miss a note all night, not a crack, not a wiff. ON it. Good, solid band. Talked to us a lot, told stories, poured her soul out in ways that has GOT to be draining night after night. Only bad part was closed with Journey, Don't Stop. I hate Journey. hate.

In any event, for $60 each, plus another $100 for dinner and drinks and tip for Mario who thought my double Wild Turkey was two bottles of a wine he wanted me to show to him on the list, it ain't cheap. If we'd sat in the back, it would have been $50 plus $10 if you don't eat. Not the cheapest show you'll ever see but a FANTASTIC venue.

Parking is super easy and free. Good part of town. Great atmosphere. Great sound. :buddies: