Beto Hot Take on AR-15 Cost


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Maybe Beto should ask why the price of insulin is so high.
Is there some sort of research into the present formula for insulin that makes the cost so expensive?
Or is it the same insulin my grandmother used 50 years ago.?
Ever hear of evergreening??It's the process of waiting for 20 years for a patent to run out and then adding some flavor of the month and getting a new patent so others cannot duplicate the product.Or make it generically, Then there are the political lobbyists to be paid and the lobbying to be done, Politicians to be bought,monopolies,Price gouging, then there are organizations like the American Diabetes Foundation who accept payment to keep quiet.
If Beto really cares he could find plenty to do besides waving his anti-gun flag.

Beto could also look into why the price of Epi pens is so high.
Is it because the daughter of one of his fellow Democrats is gouging us?

Why are over the counter drugs so expensive?
I got eye drops the other day that are mostly water with 0.5 % active ingredients and it cost me $20 bucks.

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I'll take 2 at that price.
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Thanks. A friend just built one using an Anderson Arms setup. My fever just came back.